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The Ra~Sheeba Manual has been broken into sections

This has been done as we have found that the compilation of the Work Book will change
depending on how a workshop is conducted and when new symbols are added (affecting
page numbering). This will make it easier for those that want to number pages when they
print off manuals for a workshop.  It makes it easy to include any new information that may

Some find in conducting a workshop that covering just the Level One and the Master
Section takes a full two days. They have found covering other sections such as Activating
Divine Light, the Protection Section, and Teacher Symbols in seperate individual workshops
an advantage, so that participants get the full benefit of working with and understanding
the Level One and Master Section Symbols fully.

Each individual needs to work out what is best for them in conducting workshops.  A lot will
depend on the number of people attending your workshop as to how much can be covered
thoroughly. Thus, as the one conducting your workshop, you will be able to put a Manual
section can be put together in the order as each section is set out.

As the energy is Very Strong, allow your workshops to give attendees enough time to not
only learn the symbols and information. Practicing time is vital  as it's the greatest tool for
participants learning Ra~Sheeba Symbols and allowing the Energy to assimulate with them.

Please abide by this decision.  

Respect the love in which it was given to the Co-Founders

Merilyn and Peter are the Co-Founders of RA~SHEEBA and as such, have
copyright on the material in the Workbook and on this site.
Familiarise yourself with the FAQ section before holding a
workshop. It covers many of the FAQ that may (and usually do)
get raised in a Workshop. This will help yourself and those
attending your workshop. There is a link to a PDF document of
the FAQ's that allows you to print the Q&A
We would like to thank everyone that has offered to do this monumental task for us.
With Ra~Sheeba going around the world like it has and is, to have the Workbook in
ones own language is a blessing. To say we are grateful understates our thanks to you
all. Blessings!