Welcome to the Official Website for Ra~Sheeba. Co-Founder
Merilyn welcomes you and hopes you enjoy your visit.
Ra~Sheeba is a very powerful section of the Universal Healing Energy.

As a collective vibration of humans, we have reached the required level of vibration and the vortex of
information and energy has begun to filter through. The last time that this level was accessed was in Egypt when
The Watchers vibration finally reached this level. The main players were ready, and the one who had the power
to pass this on to the people was the Pharaoh. After the Pharaoh died, all was lost.

Now these main players are back on the 'game board', ready to hold this energy once again. This time it will be
help by the many and will be valuable in assisting in the ascension status. This time it is not to be abused! It
cannot, because there is not one person or group responsible in holding it. When the many hold it and are able
to show integrity, then the greater flow of energy will begin as never before.

This is the first time that the "RA" energy has combined with the "SHEEBA" energy.