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R=9, A=1: Total=10
S=1, H=8, E=5, E=5, B=2, A=1: Total -= 22
RA=10 and SHEEBA=22 together totalling 32.  This total is The Path of Destiny

The sum of the vowels in RA = 1 and in SHEEBA = 11 and together they total
12 which reduces to 3.  This is The Soul number.

The sum of the consonants in RA = 9 and SHEEBA =11 and together they
total 20 which reduces to 2.  This is The Outer Personality Number.

The sum of the birth date would be the Life path number.  I do not have one
and it may be irrelevant.

The temporary vibration listed below in the explanations is a sub cycle
vibration.  The Soul, Outer Personality and Path of Destiny numbers are all life
long cycle vibrations.  Within these major cycles are minor or sub cycles
which can last for a few months or years.  I have included these as I find them
descriptive of the overall vibration.

The Soul Number is a "12/3" and indicates a high spiritual vibration, being innately aware
of the Spiritual Relationship to God/Goddess, and has a great desire to assist others.  
"12/3" also indicates being willing to reach for pleasures of a higher order thus allowing
the true Self to be born.

As a Temporary Vibration, it is a WAITING PERIOD, CHANGE OF VIEW, REVERSAL AND


The tarot symbolism is the Hanged Man the key word if reversed symbolised by oasis, sea
or water, also symbolising the first water of the divine power.  The significance of this
card is that things are not always as they appear.  (The Journey Home mentions this
often).  Looking beneath the surface for true understanding, and representing a person
who is poised in consciousness and number perfect control.  He sees the problems of the
world and knows it is because they see the world upside down, and yet they look at him
and think he is the crazy one.


Astrologically, Jupiter is the ruler of "3".  Sagittarius and the ninth house representing
expansion through higher education and deeper philosophy and the purpose of this
mental expansion is enlightenment in the abstract secrets of life.
The number of The Outer Personality is "20/2" indicating discernment, adaptation and
renewal.  This cyclical process creates the awakened human personality because the
moment of discernment/judgment is the same as the moment of awareness.


This is a period of growth.  Future realisations are now germinating.  Do not resist the need
for change.


The tarot card is Judgment and the key symbols are tooth, fang and serpent (!!!).  And
ancient adept was called a serpent and when we want to invoke silence, we pronounce the
sound of the letter for this key .... Shhhh.  This indicates the silence of the wise.  "Be ye
wise as serpents" (Matt 10:16).  Wisdom that is kept silent destroys the forms of the outer
world and reveals the hidden nature of things so that you may absorb the spiritual essence.

The cobra was the sacred symbol of Egypt and India.  Its venom attacks every cell of the
body instantly.  The serpent's fang conveys the poison.  The analogy is that wisdom can be
like acid, which instantly eats away everything false.  Therefore the key word for this card is


Astrologically Vulcan rules it.  When we have gained realisation of spiritual things, our
personal consciousness is ready to blend with the universal consciousness.  We then
realise our oneness with God/Goddess and our unity with all humanity.  This state of
consciousness begins with a mental grasp of the real world where our attitude is the
reverse of most people's because we identify ourselves with the One Reality.  Our
subconscious minds are dominated by true will.  This is a number of a Master Craftsman.  In
"20", the God/Goddess power "0" works through Vulcan, "2" to bring about the union of
what appears in the physical form, to be separate parts - spirit and matter.  (Vulcan is an
asteroid, I believe, located in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter).
The number of The Path of Destiny is "32.  This is what must be done and needs to be
manifested.  "32/5" is the magical number ruling people and nations.  It gives protection and
such words as America, Christ, glory, power, and circle, vibrate to it.  (As a side note:-
maybe this is the reason why those who are "power hungry' use a 5-sided pentagram as
their symbol).  You who are under the influence of this number are called "Heralds of Light,
you have the knowledge and are commissioned to send it forth.  You are a warrior for the
right with a developed sense of duty and responsibility.   This number indicates a great
sense of personal power and the desire to see justice done.

As a Temporary Vibration - it is GOOD NEWS, HUMOUR, REWARDS, VICTORY.


The tarot card is the Six of Wands (Rods).  Typical picture of victory.  The inner meaning is
mastery over the animal nature, and controlled spiritual energy.


Astrologically, this is a fortunate one of the zodiac, very progressive and expansive.  Sort of
a peak period in the solar year.  You may experience vivid dreams which you may take note
of as they could very well become a way to receive cosmic guidance. (Using the Traveller

In addition to the above, The Should Vibration of RA is "1" which is the number of
beginnings.   Whereas The Outer Personality number for Ra is "9", this is the number of
completion.  We are then completing the cycle of having out EGO (The Outer Personality) in
control, and beginning the cycle of our Soul leading us.  The total of these two numbers is
possible with Attunement to the super conscious mind.
The Soul Vibration for SHEEBA is "11".  The Outer Personality number is also "11".  This
indicates balance between the outer and inner worlds.  "11" is the number of pronounced
intuitive abilities and a master number, which accentuates the vibration of the "2", which is
the number of reflection and symmetry. The total of the two numbers is "22" which is also a
number for stability, grounded-ness, and Earth allowing us to literally walk between two
worlds - that of man and of Spirit.  "22" is also the ancient numerical value for a circle and as
such, it implies completion, fulfilment and cyclically.


The tarot card is the Fool and standing by, it representing the God/Goddess force.
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