The AH-THON Symbol. Do I need to use
any of the Reiki Symbols or other method
to connect with the other Master of
Ra~Sheeba (or partner if they are a
Ra~Sheeba Master)? Where do I draw the
Ah-Thon Symbol? How long does this
combining of two with the Ah-Thon last?
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The Ah-Thon is activated, like ALL Ra~Sheeba Symbols and sessions, by using Ka-Toth to
open and The Door and The Seal of ISIS to close. No Exception!

The Ah-Thon is a beautiful Symbol that was given firstly to Peter and myself.  We used it in
the very beginning of the Ra~Sheeba and our relationship.  We did not share it with
anyone at that stage, but began to have amazing results.  There could be no secrets
between us.   Even if you wanted to keep a 'secret' to yourself, the other person would
just 'know'.  So be careful with how you use this.  :)

We were told at a later stage to include it for others to use .. and so it is now part of the
Workbook. If you no longer wish the Symbol to connect you, then just draw it again and
put an 'X' through it.

It is lovely to do together if possible when connecting. Draw the Symbol in front of each
other and then place your palm on the heart and the other on the Third Eye of your
partner. Stay with it for a while and feel the energy activate.

If you are not able to be in the presence of the other Master, draw it in front of you and
bring it into the Third Eye and the Heart with both hands. Trying to arrange to do it at the
same time will help.

I hope this has helped explain about the Ah-Thon Symbol and how to use it.
With lots of Love, Joy and Peace, Merilyn.