How can I be Attuned if I am in a
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If you resonate with Ra~Sheeba and would like to be attuned in Absence, you will
need to let the Master doing the Attunement know:-

Your Full Name
Your Town/City/Country
Two times when you have 30 min's each time to receive an Attunement.
(one for Level One and one for Master)

If you would like to be attuned after reading about Ra~Sheeba on the website and
resonate with the Energy, but do not know anyone practicing Ra~Sheeba, please use
the Form on the Contact Us page to contact the Co-Founder of Ra~Sheeba, Merilyn

Merilyn will be delighted to Attune you, and if she knows of anyone in your
area/country, she will put you in contact with a Master close to you if you would like to
learn how to practice Ra~Sheeba.
Your name:
Your email address:
Your phone