Do you have to be a REIKI MASTER
to be Attuned into Ra~Sheeba?
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In the beginning, when Ra~Sheeba first was given back to mankind, with so few
holding the Energy at that time, it was a recommendation to be a Reiki Master or of a
similar vibration to ve able to hold the Energy.

Ra~Sheeba has filtered out around the world with many Masters in around 24
countries holding and working with the Energy. Peop;le that are drawn, that resonate
with Ra~Sheeba, are at a vibration that they are able to hold the Energy and be
Attuned even if they have not done Reiki or a similar Energy work. Many are
awakening to their past and know this is part of their jourey.

Many who are attuned to Reiki find they resonate with Ra~Sheeba.


NO .. you CANNOT MIX Reiki and Ra~Sheeba Symbols.

From experience and testimonials, Ra~Sheeba is an Energy of a much higher vibration
and power than Reiki. This is because of it working on our DNA structure, our Energy
Field and the Crystalline Energy of Earth and Universe. It is also not used like Reiki in
that you NEED to give it to a client continuously.

Many that have been attuned to Ra~Sheeba, continue to then practice Reiki and not
go on and practice Ra~Sheeba. This is RIGHT and CORRECT FOR THEM and their
journey. Ra~Sheeba aided the change in their DNA as they move on their path, but
they may have a passion for Reiki and healing people with Reiki.

REMEMBER - we are all working towards Universal Love and Healing. And we all
resonate and practice what is right for us.

Allow ALL to be where they are as this is the perfect place for them to be.