What if I feel like using both hands ..
Is that OK?
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This is another question often asked because of the direction of arrows on the
Symbols to show direction in the Workbook and Manuals.

If you were left handed, you would naturally want to 'lead' with your left hand just as
a person who is right handed 'leads' with their right hand. Just this in itself will cause
you to draw circles etc in a different direction to the arrows.

We have 'discovered' that in the majority of cases, females will intuitively draw circles
anti-clockwise and males will intuitively draw them clockwise.

Some people intuitively will want to use both hands when drawing the Symbols and
doing  healing/giving a Ra~Sheeba.

The arrows were put into the drawings AS A GUIDE - people often will naturally need
to be given a specific direction when learning something new. BUT .... as you begin to
intuitively 'see' the Symbols, to intuitively 'feel' the Symbols, as they begin to flow
naturally from you .... you will draw the Symbol as is right for you.


If you feel you need to draw clockwise and not anti-clockwise, if you feel you need to
draw a line up but the arrow says down .. draw it as it is natural for you, you are
being guided by Spirit and are only a vessel for the Energy to come through.

Certainly in other Healing Modalities, Symbols, rituals etc MUST be done in a very
specific way 'or it doesn't work'. The only similarity with Ra~Sheeba is the Symbol
ONLY works if it is drawn as it looks, the actual drawing should flow from within you
and you should not be caught up with things like 'the arrow says that direction', 'I
must do Number 1 before Number 5'.

As Energy Workers .. it should be flowing from within us intuitively, and we should use
the workbooks and manuals as guides to learn and get a feel for the Symbols until
they come to us naturally.

Let the wonderful Pure Energy of Ra~Sheeba flow with Love.