FAQ 1b

Once a person has been attuned into
Ra~Sheeba - should they continue using
Ra~Sheeba and teaching it?
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Remember, Ra~Sheeba is a powerful Energy to aid in changing our DNA, raising our
vibration to work in line with the Crystal Path.

It is not an Energy Work that requires you to continually practice it once you have been
attuned to Master Level. It is an Energy Work that is resonating with many, as they are
Awakened and their Vibration lifted as we move to our true SELF.

There are those that feel drawn to Ra~Sheeba only to implement the changes in their
Field. They feel no need to continue using Ra~Sheeba and go on with what they have
been called to do. Having received Ra~Sheeba, their vibration has been lifted to the higher
changes that are taking place and the Crystalline Energy. That is all that they need at this

There are other who love working with the Energy and love the offering of it and teaching
of it to others. Once the change in the DNA has been implemented, they find they are
moved to pass this on to many, to teach via workshops. This is wonderful. Many are doing
just this. Receiving Ra~Sheeba has been another part of the journey and spiritual path
taking them ‘to the next level’.

We each have to have peace about every choice we make on our own path and do what is
right for us. We do not want people pampering themselves to others, to do workshops just
because someone else is and they feel they must. We do not want people to expect other
to do what they feel they do not need to do. It has to be part of your service in this
Spiritual Awakening.

We are all on our own personal journey. Let us give with our heart, allow all to walk their
path in Universal Love. When Ra~Sheeba was give, we were told it would NOT be held by
ONE. It would be held by MANY. Ra~Sheeba has been given for Healing, for an individual to
accept this personally or pass on as their path leads them.


KA-TOTH is ALWAYS used to open a session and ISIS is always used to close a
The Attunement Procedures were given to allow people to integrate the energy
gradually – it is VERY powerful energy and given specifically because the power of
Ra~Sheeba is connected to the merging of our Male and Female and the becoming of ONE
within each person.

Until a child is at the stage of puberty, IT IS INAPPROPRIATE TO USE CERTAIN

In essence, we will be guided by Spirit, our Guides, and the Masters. We intuitively know
what to give at the appropriate time. The more we use the energy, we will find that we are
guided to sometimes only use specific symbols on a client – allow yourself to be guided.