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Co-Founder - Merilyn Bretherick
In the beginning an amazing set of circumstances set the stage for the "RA~SHEEBA"
to be birthed.

It all began when one of the "main players", Michael, had a vision of a "Centre" at the
foot of the Barrier Ranges via Broken Hill in 1982. His spiritual path began with
learning the discipline of following intuition, inspired from the teachings of The
Findhorn Foundation - Peter and Eileen Caddy.

In 1991 Michael and his family came to live in a Homestead at the very place that was
shown in the vision.

In March 1998, I met a couple from England when in Adelaide. They had been told by
Spirit to do a Ceremony in Glastonbury England to anchor the Goddess Energy, which
they did.

They were then told to go to Alice Springs in Australia to do the same ceremony on 25
September 1998.

They went to Adelaide first and had planned to go to Alice Springs but they were not
able to get to Alice Springs on that date.   They were told by Spirit not to worry
someone would invite them to their place and they had to go.

I invited them to our place at the foot of the Barrier Ranges and the place is called
"The Springs".

They accepted and asked if they could conduct a ceremony to anchor the Goddess
Energy.  A 12ft Star of David was made from quartz crystal and the ceremony took
place.  The energy was spectacular.
The Goddess Energy began to work with the people residing at "The Springs"
beginning to "remember" their part to play.

It is
interesting to "remember" the past lives that we had, and the parts that we
played back in Egypt when the RA~SHEEBA was first brought through to the

haraoh and his wife.

Peter Johannson began channelling symbols and wording.  I began to get an
Attunement process and the format of RA~SHEEBA.  Michael kept everyone

We were told by Spirit to call it "RA~SHEEBA" (spelt Sheeba).  The couple from
England, Alan and Shirley, were also getting an energy work through, (without the
symbols and format) and they also were told to call it "RA~SHEEBA".

Allan, S
hirley and Tina came over from England once again and we had the very first
workshop of RA~SHEEBA and 8 "main players" were attuned and became

RA~SHEEBA Masters.

Peter and I brought it down to Victoria, Australia, and it is now on the Internet and
about to cover the world just as Spirit wants.

At this present time RA~SHEEBA has Masters in Australia, Alaska, Canada, Egypt,
England, Equador, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, India, Indonesia,
Israel, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, Philippines, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, and USA.
People want to know what "RA~SHEEBA" Energy is, where does it come from, and
what does it do.  I will attempt to answer these questions with the knowledge of
what we know at this early stage

RA~SHEEBA is a very powerful section of the available Universal Healing Energy.

As a collective vibration of humans, we have reached the required level of

ibration, and the vortex of information and energy has begun to filter through.  
The last time that this level was accessed was in Egypt when "The Watchers"
vibration finally reached this level.  The main players were ready and the one who
had the power to pass this on to the people was the Pharaoh.  After the Pharaoh
died all was lost.

Now these main players are back on the "game board", ready to hold this energy
once again.  This time it will be held by the many and will be valuable in assisting
in the ascension status.  This time it is not to be abused!   It cannot, because

there is not one person or group responsible in holding it.  When the many hold it
and are able to show integrity, then the greater flow of energy will begin as never
before.  This is the first time that the "RA" energy has combined with the "SHEEBA"

The "SHEEBA" - Sexual, creative, joyful, expression of LOVE, the feminine "part" of
this column of Universal Healing Energy which leads straight to the Source.

The "RA" - The Source, from the centre of the Great Central Sun.

The "Sheeba" shows the way to "Ra".  Only through Sheeba can we access "Ra"
and find our true path Home.

The RA~SHEEBA healing works directly on the Chakras.  Raising our DNA and the
thing that helps us progress on all levels.

We need to hold the Energy and allow the vibration to change us.  Hold the Light.  
Show our Light to all and see who recognises the Light.
It changes your vibration, changes your soul colours and opens the way for love
to flow within your being.
You will resonate with the vibration.  At the moment it is those who "contracted"to
be once again  "The Watchers" and holders of the Ra energy.
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