Q 1
1(a) Can I CHARGE for giving a RA~SHEEBA to a client and for holding Workshops?

1(b) Once a person has been attuned into Ra~Sheeba - should they continue using
Ra~Sheeba and teaching it?
Q 2
Can the Protection Symbols be used in a Healing for someone not Attuned
into Ra~Sheeba?
Q 3
Can the Symbols be changed if I feel they should be done a different way?
Q 4
What if I feel like using both hands .. Is that OK?  (it would mean that I don't follow the arrow's on
the diagrams of the Symbols)
Q 5
What should I do if I receive a Symbol while practicing Ra~Sheeba,
Meditating etc?  One that I feel should be used as a Ra~Sheeba Symbol.
Q 6
Do you have to be a REIKI MASTER to be Attuned into Ra~Sheeba?
Q 7
How can I be Attuned if I am in a DIFFERENT COUNTRY?
Q 8
Can Children receive a Ra~Sheeba session or The Dragon Voice?
Q 9
The AH-THON Symbol.  Do I need to use any of the Reiki Symbols or other
method to connect with the other Master of Ra~Sheeba (or partner if they are
a Ra~Sheeba Master)?  Where do I draw the Ah-Thon Symbol?  How long does
this combining of two with the Ah-Thon last?
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