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Soul, the Dragon and the Sacred Warrior together have a special relationship.  The Dragon lives to be conquered.  Soul lives
to be released into consciousness.  The Warrior lives to be redeemed by uniting with Soul.  They in fact are all aspects of
ourself and this Spiritual integration constitutes our inward journey.

"This is the beginning of alchemy, that we shall discover our every word and deed to be but symbols, our hopes
aspirations only fables, our histories and traditions merely legends.  All that we know, like the symbol of the
unicorn, is an
indication of that which lies within". (Manly P Hall, "Self-Unfoldment: By Disciplines in Realisation",

Symbolism has been used down the ages in esoteric spiritual teaching to convey certain themes and to spark
imagination.  The symbols esoteric nature also gives it a mysterious quality and adds to the fraternity of, say,
the members
of a mystical order such as an "Order of the Rainbow Dragon" (see inside front cover).  Only the
members know the meaning
of the symbol, thus a special bond is created.  Also the hidden meaning of the
symbol can be very deep and complex and
much feeling and reverence can be attached to it.  To
contemplate the deeper meaning of a mystical symbol creates a
meeting place in the mind where Soul, the
rational mind and the emotional nature can mere and work in harmony together.  
In this way, symbols have
become living things that reside in the collective unconscious of humanity.

Now that we have taken this journey together, it is time for you also to be initiated into the meaning of the
Dragon.  To begin with, the many colours of the Dragon represent the many energetic qualities of the
Life-Force.  Also, the
Rainbow Bridge is the symbol of the 'Antakarana', which is the name given to the stream of
consciousness we build when
we are purposefully integrating into our Soul and then Monad.  It is the 'road we
build to heaven', so to speak.  The colour
red on the body of the Dragon is a powerful energy. On a positive
polarity red represents Divine Will and Power to Love and
Work Together.  On a negative polarity, red represents
Domination; Destruction; Separation and other fearful qualities.  So
the Dragon is a powerful figure.  The green
patches balance the red with the harmony of nature and the feminine Earth.  
The Dragons fiery breath
represents Cosmic Fire, the Transforming Power of the Life Force.

The Dragon has a firm grip on his own tail which symbolises the Unity of the Circle, Integration, Personal
Responsibility -
Emotional and Honesty.  His tail is not being wasted lashing out at others.  He is complete within
himself.  In alchemical
terms, the base of the pyramid of realisation is complete, with Will, Knowledge, Emotion
and Awareness, completing the four
corners, setting the foundations for the real work to begin. The flag he is
holding bears the cross of time and space and the
blue circle is the symbol of the incarnated Soul and Unity.  The cross and the circle represents the Soul incarnated in time
and space.  More than this, it is the symbol of
transfiguration, which is the term used in the Bible designating Soul becoming
complete  - Master of Her earthly

The wings of the dragon represent the Souls capacity to fly above the opposites of the material world, including
the limited
rational mind.  If you look closely you will see that the Dragon, who often represents the fear that
blocks our path to the
Self, isn't as ferocious as he first seems.  Fear is like that, for fear is the bearer of treasure,
which you will discover if you
have the courage to face your fears.  The Chinese Dragon is a jolly Dragon
because the focus is on what the Soul gains
more than what the Ego loses.  The Rainbow Dragon is actually an
integration of the East and the West, for that is the way
of the Aquarian age.

In the myths of the Dragon, particularly in Western legends of he Saint George and the Dragon type, the
Dragon is a
villainous creature who roams around the country side stealing treasure, especially gold, and
kidnapping fair maidens.  The
Dragon then proceeds to hide the treasure and the maiden in his cave, which he
then guards ferociously.  In actual fact, the
Dragon represents ourself.  He is the fear that bars the dark and
murky cave of our subconscious, that ominous labyrinth
where we dare not venture into for fear of being lost
forever by becoming submerged in the storms of our emotional
garbage.  St George is the Sacred Warrior, who
symbolised the Awakened Ego who has surrendered to Soul.  He is a
masculine symbol who risks destruction by
penetrating into the feminine subconscious for the purpose of integrations,
armed with the power of the Feminie
Soul with whom he is seeking to unite (this of course is the way of integration for both
men and women).

The treasure hidden away in the cave is Unity, Harmony, Wisdom, Realisation.  The fair maiden is our Soul.  Our
One True
Love.  Our Destiny.  The Key to Gods Kingdom.  She is the ferry-man who will guide us to her and finally
through the portal
of SELF and out into Cosmic consciousness.

Of course, in the first stages of our great Cosmic journey we are like poor peasants who run from this terrifying
creature and
thus never discovering what it truly possesses.  The more the peasants run, the bigger and more
terrifying the Dragon
seems.  Then one frightful day, a peasant becomes caught in a trap laid by the terrible
Dragon.  He can do nothing but fight,
that's if he doesn't die of fright first.  So he fights, desperately, fearfully,
and to his amazement he survives.  The dragon is
not slain, only wounded, and has run off into the forest.  The
peasants has been badly wounded and stumbles into the cave
for refuge.  In fear of the dark he stays at the
mouth of the cave and doesn't realise the treasure contained within.  
However, the fair maiden kept captive
deep inside the cave is a mysterious and powerful magician, a Being of Light, a
Goddess in fact, who is under a
spell placed on her by the Dragon.  To break the spell she needs to unite with a human who
will willingly
surrender to her.  If this occurs the Dragon will no longer have power over her.

The other villagers see these things and fear him.  They know one is never the same after being face to face with
a Dragon.  
Talking with him reminds them of the Dragon, so terrifying to them that they would rather not think
about it.  The villagers
know that when one survives an encounter with a Dragon, one seemingly becomes
possessed by a mysterious power.

Because of the strange force growing within him, the peasants values begin to change.  He is less and less
interested in the
petty affairs of the squabbling villagers.  He spends much time alone pondering the nature of
his new found wisdom, and
feels in his heart the calling of his one true love, the mysterious Goddess who came
to him in a vision while hiding wounded
in the cave.

As time goes by, the peasant begins to gain the reputation as a shaman, and even though they still fear him,
the villages
come to him with their problems.  Soon the peasants yearning to unite once again with the
Goddess grows stronger than
his fear of the Dragon and so, fashioned out of his own hard work he purposefully
dons a shinning suit of armour made of
knowledge, places in his scabbard his lovingly forged sword of truth,
scoops up his shield of steadfastness, mounts his
newly acquired stead of justice, and reaches for his lance of
courage.  The villages watch in trepidation and puzzlement as
the new warrior rides out of the village in search
of the Dragon.  They knew it would eventually come to this but the
villagers can never understand why
someone would want to deliberately go out hunting for Dragons.

Eventually the warrior returns once again wounded but with more wisdom and more fighting skills.  More
importantly, a
greater bond with his Goddess.  As the years roll on, the warriors Dragon hunting expeditions
increase.  Sometimes he finds
what he is looking for, sometimes he doesn't.  As his skills increase and his wisdom
grows, he is able to venture deeper and
deeper into the labyrinth like cave, guided by the grace of his
Goddess, as the Dragon attempts to thwart his every move,
for the Dragon is a cunning foe.

He is now an elder of the village, teaches other warriors and selflessly serves his community, even though the
villagers are
of the ungrateful and still don't trust him.  When he rides into the village after being out Dragon
hunting, the villagers do not
come out to meet him, only the other warriors and the little children.  The children
love his gentle nature, even though this
powerful warrior is an imposing figure in his cosmic armour.  The children
know he has command of his strength.  Most of all
they crave the unconditional love and acceptance that he
freely pours out to them as he plays games with them or tells
them stories of the great myths and legends.

Then one day, the warrior, fighting courageously with all his skill and might, ventured further and deeper into
the cave than
he had ever been.  The Dragon raged at him and made himself grow terrifyingly large, so much
so that the warrior almost
turned and retreated, but then something stopped him.  Somehow the warrior knew
that this was it, that there was no
turning back.  This time, he would rather die than leave the cave without his
one true love.  Mustering all the will and
courage within him, he turned and deliberately faced the deadly
Dragon.  Feeling it's searing breath upon his face, as he
stared deep into it's piercing yellow eyes.

Without taking his eyes off the Dragon, the warrior proceeded to lay down his armour.  Confused, the Dragon
stopped in it's
tracks and watched as the warrior continued disrobing until he was completely naked.  Having
done this, he calmly picked
up his beautifully ornate suit of armour of knowledge and reverently placed it
before the Dragons scaly feet, saying, 'you are
free to take me Dragon, for I no longer fear you.  My body is yours
to maul with your mighty teeth if you will'.  Then the
warrior placed his glistening shield of steadfastness before
the Dragon saying,  "my desires and aspirations are yours to
crush with your mighty barbed tail if you will".  Lastly
the warrior picked up his fine and beautifully decorated sword of truth
and gently placed it at the Dragons feet
saying, "my honour and integrity are yours to destroy with your fiery breath if you
will".   Then to the even greater
astonishment of the Dragon, the warrior sat down, closed his eyes and stilled his mind.

However, instead of the terrible monster tearing him apart, at once the Dragon began to fade away like a
phantom, and in it's place appeared the beautiful radiant Goddess.  Suddenly brilliant golden light
filled every corner of the
cave and choirs of angels burst into song as She reached down to the warrior bringing
him to his feet.  When they
embraced, Her radiance suddenly turned into a great cosmic fire that consumed
them both, transforming and merging them
into the Light of the World.


In the very early incarnations of our Soul, during the days of Magic, when we were not as dense
in our biology as we are today, we all had the availability of Dragon Companions.

These were the Wise Ones that were more than our Guides. These were the ones who taught
us all we knew about Magic. Merlin was still able to visit the Dragon Dimension. In the early days
of our incarnation, the Dragon Companioins were in our dimension and moved inter-

It was during this time when the Dragons moved back into their dimension and were not
accessible to humans. There, they were to stay, until the time when humans would be once
again of the vibration to remember their Dragon Companions ad call on them to return to aid
them in the journey of their Soul.

It NOW is that time! Many people are beginning to re-awaken and remember the Dragons. The
veil into the Dragon dimension is thinning. Enough for some humans to see and hear their own
Dragon Companion.

Belle Antaro is the Dragon Queen. If you call on her and ask her for your own Dragon
Companion, she will ‘send’ one to you. Look for the signs that your Dragon Companion has
arrived. Welcome it and ask its name. You will be surprised at the variety of names that they
have. You will be surprised also at the colours of the Dragons. The colours represent the Order
that they belong to.

The Brown Dragons are the Healing Order. The White and Gold are the Royal Dragons.

The Dragons are full of wisdom and knowledge. Listen to them and they will teach you and help
you in your journey.

Love them, as they are your companions of long ago ………….

Merilyn Bretherick
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