I have know you for a thousand years.  The meeting of two such souls cannot be
surpassed.  The light on the sands has come once again.  The last has become true.  
The past all but new.  Eyes of the Gods shine, our meeting was just on cue!
Peter - 29 January 1999
The temple was silent except for our foot-falls and most of the torches in the walls
were snuffed out!  All the priests were sleeping on their pallets at this time.  Looking at
my Queen, I felt a shudder of ecstasy and nervousness run through my body.  In this
light and with the flowing-ness of gowns to cover her body, she rivalled no other in
beauty and majesty.

Hand in hand we two strode into the inner sanctuary where the high priests perform
their secret rites to 'RA'.  Tarma-Ki let my hand go and walked up the three steps,
then onto the central alter.  I stopped at the foot of the steps.  With her back to me,
and arms raised in homage, I could hear faint murmuring and the pulse of energy

Tarma-Ki turned to face me, her gown fell from her and the softest golden light
streamed from her aura!  Come Karmen -RA, the time has arrived.

Setting aside my fears, I shed my few clothes and took her hand.  With a slow
reverence I caressed her.  The golden light became brighter.  Placing her hands on
my shoulder and gently forcing me to kneel in front of her.  I inhaled the sweet smell
which arose from between her legs.  Leaning forward and grasping behind, I grew a
line from her navel down with my tongue.   The ritual has begun.

She breathed, what followed was like being wrapped in a blanket of bliss.  No mere
copulation or physical act.  As Tarma-Ki had promised, 'RA' was smiling on us both
within the rites of passion.  We were as one, the release of our combined energy was
so great, I could see the spirit which surrounded us, and touched the God Within - "I
AM".  "I AM" was all that would come from my mouth.

Slowly, after much time had passed, we began to come back down from on high.

Tarma-Ki looked at me, her eyes were infused with a light.   "Now you are no longer
just Karmen-Ra, your eyes and head have seen the eternal, from this day forth, you
will look upon all with 'wise eyes', for nothing will be the same for you my Pharaoh.  
The Goddess is deep within you and so am I.  Though there are many trials for you to
over-come, this you must remember.  I shall be always within you and so is the
Goddess.  Though our parting is soon due, I have seen the time also when we shall
once again walk the same path in a new world.  And in our meeting, the spirit shall

The light dimmed, it was time to leave.  The priests would soon be here for the
morning rituals.  Though full of love, I felt sad in her parting words.  We hurried out
into the night.
Peter - 16 January 1999
The day was warm and bright.  'RA' had given his blessing to us once again.  I
Karmen-Ra King of Kings, sit upon the seat of judgement today in the court of lower
houses to listen and preside over the troubles of my people.  I consider this a worthy
task as it brings me closer to the people, though Mar-Tek my most trusted adviser has
been in shock ever since my beloved Queen first put forth the idea, never before
has a Pharaoh done this.

In the past, it was always left to the Priests of the lower orders to tell the common
people which crops to plane, and who stole their missing cows.  As the day went on,
Mar-Tek became more and more incensed as we, for the time, spent with the
people.  "You should be spending your time at worship in the temple of the God's
and offering Egypt's lands to gain their praise".

This rebuke angered me so that I spoke, as I never had before.  "Mar-Tek, you are the
fool.  You waste your time and effort in worship to God's that cannot hear you,
because there is only one God - 'RA' - and all these other petty and spiteful God's
are nothing but stone rendered by you and other priests to fill your coffers".

Looking at Mar-Tek, I knew I had gone too far.  Trembling with rage, he stormed off
without taking my leave.  There were raised voices among the crowd, for, they also
heard the words I spoke.  "Could it be true - no ISIS, no HORUS" said one.  "It must be
his Pharaoh, a God" spoke another.

I felt a warning hand on my shoulder.  It was my Queen begging for me to come
inside, the uproar becoming louder and louder.  "What have you done my King, this
was not what we planned".  She spoke with fear.

Then I realised I had committed a grave error in devouring the Gods and the
priesthood in earshot of all!
Peter - 1 January 1999
I am 'Karmen-Ra'.  Barely a week had passed since my initiation in the temple, my
heart and spirit were more joyous than they had been in all my memory.  Tarma-Ki
was a shining beacon.  Everywhere she went, there followed Light and Life.  We
were both like children with a fantastic toy.  It was all I could do to contain myself
when I was around Tama-Ki.

In this state, I hardly noticed the usual comings and goings of the court and all it's
little traps.  But worst of all, I was being watched.

"My Pharaoh, you are not yourself, what has happened to bring so much joy into
your heart"?  This silent whisper came from Mar-Tek.

Turning to him I said "RA shines his Light on Tarma-Ki and I very strong this day".  "As he
does to all of us my Pharaoh" he replied.  As quick as thought, I answered back "NO
Mar-Tek, RA has little time for you and your priests.  You worship yourself and do
nothing to raise your spirit-self for that of others".

He recoiled as if I had struck him.  The look of horror on his face was swiftly changed
to dark hate.  What a fool!   I had said the one thing that nobody, not even the
Pharaoh, dare to utter aloud.  The sound of the people in and around us stopped to

"Great Pharaoh, do you put yourself above our worship of RA?"  Mar-Tek hissed.  "No
you little man, I put myself above no man, but not I can easily see fools when I meet

"OH RA - were these words coming from me" I thought!   I felt a calming hand on my
shoulder, looking up straight into the eyes of my Queen, and saw such sadness that
it stopped me.

"My Pharaoh is indisposed today Mar-Tek".  She took my by the hand as if a child,
and led the way into our private chambers.  Putting her finger to my lips, she
pushed me to our sleeping pallet.

"My King, My King.  Do you know what it is you have done!" she choked these words
out then cried as if all was lost.  I could not quieten her and went to call the
physician to brew a calming drink for her.

Soon Dar-Mon entered our chamber with a tray upon which rested two goblets.  
Setting the tray down, he picked up a goblet and handed it to Tarma-Ki who drank
deeply and seemed to quieten, then relaxed on the pallet.  Handing me the other
drink, Dar-Mon smiled "I think it would be well if you rested too my Pharaoh".  I took
the goblet and drank deep.  Setting down the goblet I began to feel heavy,
darkness closed in.  I lay down and the last words I heard were "It is done Mar-Tek,
may the God's forgive me, it is done".
Peter - 7 February 1999
As deep and dark as sackcloth, I watch thee my beloved Tarma-Ki, and wretched
thou art.  I was Karmen-Ra your betrothed.  Now you are locked in my tomb with
my mortal shell.  Mar-Tek the betrayer did this to end our line and the threat to his

Stop beating your fists beloved one, no one will hear your cries.  The time of parting
is now, but rejoice for I will see you again.  The is much work for us to do.

Once again, you will be my teacher and bring me into the Light of Life for I will be
residing in pain and darkness.

The power of this new meeting will herald a time of growth and leaning, the gifts
that we shall receive shall be threefold.

First shall come release of the old.  The burden of the past will be left for this is
necessary to move ahead.

Second will come a time of testing for us.  In this I speak of the three.  This must be
understood and then overcome.

Finally the last will be the path of love, for and through all this will be your greatest
gift and power.  This you will pass onto all who you encounter in your travels for they
will be wide.  Listen to your heart and believe in all you do.  I will always be with
you.  We are one.  No force can conquer what has been contracted.

Be well, be strong, be you and always go in to way of Love

Peter - 9 January 1999
Ra~Sheeba roots are in the power of three recipients and must be attuned by all '3'
Masters.  There is great power within this process and the students must be chosen
with great care.  For you, my young one, you must learn to trust in your guides'
wisdom more.  Within you resides great compassion and care, tempered with power
you will be the 'apex' and the 'sender'.  The gifts of your past will come to bear in
your teachings and will be passed on down!  Learn what you can and must trust in
yourself, your lessons, your intuition, your power.

Goodbye young one.

For I am 'Karmen-Ra', ruler of the upper and lower Nile, Pharaoh of all Egypt, blessed
of RA, receiver of the Light.  Through me and my beloved, 'Tarma-Ki' only!

May all who dwell in this land receive RA's gift.  Through Tarma-Ki, I was reborn, but
because of this wisdom, I was slain by the old order.  Many of my lives have gone
against the old and set beliefs of dogma and fear driven worship.  To lean and
teach the ideals of self-empowerment is my goal.  Karmen-Ra's lessons as of courage
to tackle old systems and go against the power of many for his true beliefs.  For you
have learnt this lesson well.
Peter - 23 January 1999
'Young One', your lesson in this life is one of balance.  It was by no mere chance that
you were reborn under this sign.  In all but a few of your past lives, you have either
held a position of power, or been a powerful one within.  Though you have not
handled this well!   This is why you contracted for the human parents you had this
time.  They both had great lessons to teach.  Your father taught you of Pride,
Arrogance and being stuck in the one path.  This bespoke of some of your old
lifetimes. Whereas you mother taught you love, understanding and change.  
Beware 'young one' for the time comes again when you shall hold power.  Use it
well and with humility.  Share it with others, as they grow in wisdom and power, so
shall you.  Remember to listen and learn 'young one'.
Peter - 23 January 1999
The new energy of 'RA~SHEEBA' is two fold.  Subtle yet very powerful.  It is here to
awaken and help guide your spirit self.  For to long a time now, you have been
mired in the physical plane, though this is not your fault entirely 'young one'.  The
time is coming for you and a few other to begin the shift to a more balanced
'being'.  The path will not be easy for it has been all but lost through the passing of
time.  Listen to your guides and dragons for they know the path and will make the
passage easier to take.  Changes have already started within you, at these 'we'
rejoice, and so should you, for it is the re-birth of yourself as you once were.  Hold to
your symbol for within it lies power, more will follow!

Your accession has been granted and in this we are pleased.  Listen to yourself and
trust in what you hear.  You must all start the attunements for 'Ra~Sheeba' again,
and keep them up, for this will aid you all and bring in new knowledge.  This must be
done.  We are pleased with you 'young one'.  Hold your lessons, your teachers, your
guides and your true self, for you are much loved.

The use and practice of this new energy is all important, for in this you will grow.  The
doors of your old life are closing.  All the lessons seem new to you, but in truth, are
very old.  This will be a major lifting of the veil to look with your new eyes.

'Young one', you were closer than you know with your 'symbol'.  This is the true way.  
Yes, you have seen this before, and it is an old symbol.  Though it's true use has been
lost.  In truth, it is a clearing symbol for body, mind and spirit.  This must be used at
the start of the attunement when your energy points have been balanced in with
'Sir Michael' and 'Lady Merlyn'.  The eye.  This new symbol shall be called "Kar-Set" for
this is it's true name.

Remember 'young one', listen and learn always.  You are much loved.
Greetings High One.

We applaud the three on the progress you have all made.  With the implanting of
the symbols into your Light-Bodies, you have all changed much and come further
than ever before.

Now, High One, soon it will be time for your Biological-Bodies to match this shift.  This
is necessary for you to remain in your shell and staying in this form means it must
function well enough and lay enough to meet the new demands that shall be forth
coming.  The main power centres of the body will be shifted and changed to their
original place, speed and size.  In this ardour, you will be aided, but be reliant upon
each other most of all.  All the centres need to be altered, but none more than the
Heart and Thymus.  Your Biological engine, and it's Thymus, with it's powers of
detoxification, which have been long misunderstood and underestimated.

This shift must be completed before the grand conjunction, as the Spirit-Body and
the Biological-Body must be in harmony at this time more than any other

Listen well wise one, much is to come.
Dragon Story