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Can I CHARGE for giving a RA~SHEEBA to a client and for holding Workshops?

Once a person has been attuned into Ra~Sheeba - should they continue using
Ra~Sheeba and teaching it?

Q 2
Can the Protection Symbols be used in a Healing for someone not Attuned into

Q 3
Can the Symbols be changed if I feel they should be done a different way?

Q 4
What if I feel like using both hands .. Is that OK?  (it would mean that I don't
follow the arrow's on the diagrams of the Symbols)

Q 5
What should I do if I receive a Symbol while practicing Ra~Sheeba, Meditating
etc?  One that I feel should be used as a Ra~Sheeba Symbol.

Q 6
Do you have to be a REIKI MASTER to be Attuned into Ra~Sheeba?

Q 7
How can I be Attuned if I am in a DIFFERENT COUNTRY?

Q 8
Can Children receive a Ra~Sheeba session or The Dragon Voice?

Q 9
The AH-THON Symbol.  Do I need to use any of the Reiki Symbols or other
method to connect with the other Master of Ra~Sheeba (or partner if they are
a Ra~Sheeba Master)?  Where do I draw the Ah-Thon Symbol?  How long does
this combining of two with the Ah-Thon last?
It is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the questions and
answers before conducting workshops. They are asked consistently from
those learning to hold this new energy.

Have these available to yourself also in
printed form for your workshop.
If you have any further questions regarding costs and
ask Merilyn, Co-Founder of Ra-Sheeba
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